woensdag 15 februari 2012

STICK TOGETHER 'surviving the times' EP

Wilkes-Barre's own Straight Edge outfit are back with a brand new EP that picks up where (their debut EP) "No More Games" left off. STICK TOGETHER been touring and playing out a lot more and the result is a band that sounds tighter, more focused and harder / pissed off than ever.
No bullshit straight forward classic Straight Edge Hardcore the way we love it over here at Control HQ. Surviving The Times! Check out one song from this new EP here!

Control Records presents a limited pressing of this new 6-song EP, 100 on Blue vinyl for mailorders only, 300 black vinyl. Both colors are available to order in the Control webstore now!
Next up! Beware 'won't get the best of me' EP - Control Number 8.

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