vrijdag 31 december 2010

Best Of Times

Chain Of Strength 2008 - Radio Silence Hollywood

COS Top 3:
- Too Deep Until Now
- Best Of Times
- Just How Much?

zondag 26 december 2010

vrijdag 17 december 2010


''Gotta stick together like glue''.
Words written close to 30 years ago yet still they ring ever so true. In that spirit and in that realm is where you'll find Stick Together. An honest, vital and no frills Straight Edge Hardcore band out of Wilkes-Barre, PA. influenced heavily by the traditional late 80's Straight Edge Hardcore sound as well as the late 90's wave of bands that captured (or at least tried to capture) that same vibe. With current and ex-members of War Hungry, Bad Seed and Force Fed these dudes are hardly new to the game and that experience definitely shines through on these 5 songs. Check out this new song here !

Control Records presents the European press of this new 5-song EP, again a limited pressing, 100 solid blue wax for mailorders only, 300 black wax. Both colors are available to order in the Control webstore from Sunday on, 19 December 2010 - 20:00 Central European Standard Time.
Note: Stick Together mailorders will be send out after the 1st of January 2011.

Bad Seed demo EPs's are still available in the webstore, don't sleep on this! Check out the webstore for more stuff and shirt designs.

Next up will be a limited European pressing of the Foundation 'Hang Your Head' EP, ready just in time for their European tour starting the 21st of January.

donderdag 2 december 2010

zondag 14 november 2010

The Straight Edge

New Control Records Straight Edge design available now in the webstore!
It's a ripoff from a classic Step Forward Records shirt design.
Also a limited re-stock of the Bad Seed shirt design is available again.

The Bad Seed mailorder version on orange wax is sold out but we still have some black wax copies available so don't sleep on this! Overseas postage costs are crazy so our friends at Six Feet Under Records will have a bunch of copies available very soon exclusivly for the States!

Stick Together 'No More Games' EP is in the works and hope to have this ready to order by the end of Decemeber but more details on this soon.

Check out the Rise And Fall / Nails / Harm's Way - European winter tour that starts next week!

KOTF 2010.

maandag 18 oktober 2010

BAD SEED "World View Demo II" EP

Wilkes-Barre, PA may not have the near mythical historical appeal of New York or Boston when it comes to hardcore but over the last few years it has produced quite a few bands that have shaken up the hardcore landscape and made a mark. Bad Seed are one of those bands although it seems like they were never even supposed to be a real band. How does that work? Well - when you have a bunch of young men in an up and coming poppunk band (in this case that would be Title Fight) that feel the need to express the harder, darker side of their personalities and their love for classic metallic New York hardcore bands like Merauder (the demo - definitely), early Biohazard and The Icemen... the end result could possibly be a band called Bad Seed and a demo that hit like a nailbomb in late '08. Four songs - all heavy as hell with a vicious bite to them. Nothing complicated or revolutionary but real hardcore done real well.

Bad Seed followed up their demo with a 7'' and a split 7'' with War Hungry on 6131 Records and the occasional live performance but never developed into a real, touring band despite the fact that their name was hot on everyone's lips.

Control Records is proud to present the one off vinyl press of this highly acclaimed demo, again a limited pressing, 100 orange wax for mailorders only, 400 black wax. Both colors are available to order in the Control webstore from tomorrow on, 19 october 2010 - 20:00 Central European Standard Time. Also a Bad Seed shirt design will be available to order and we still have a very limited amount of True Colors EPs and Control Straight Edge shirt designs left so act quick!

Next up will be a brand new EP from Stick Together.

woensdag 13 oktober 2010


Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz, dude got great style in every old clip!

zaterdag 25 september 2010

CONTROL update!

Flame Still Burns into Take A Stand... Holy Shit!

Bad Seed demo vinyl has some delay, hopefully we will get the vinyl by the end of next week.
Update and ordering info will be announced shortly after.
Again, limited pressing of 100 on color wax for mailorder only so act quick!

Only a few True Colors 'consider it done' 7"s left, so get one before their gone.
Pressing info ctrl-02:
23 black wax / white labels / numbered / testpressing sleeve.
90 white wax / red numbered / regular sleeve
100 yellow wax / numbered / last show sleeve.
300 black wax / regular sleeve
10 white-black swirl wax / green numbered / regular sleeve
10 yellow-black swirl wax (3 copies randomly inserted in last show copies)

Next up will be the new Stick Together EP.

zaterdag 31 juli 2010

Nike Air Max Infrared

My favorite sneaker ever made!
Check out this link for more pics...

zaterdag 19 juni 2010

zaterdag 29 mei 2010

The Essence

Check out my man Adam Malik his new blog with a lot of cool Hardcore pictures already and i'm sure tons of other cool one's will follow soon... http://theessence.tumblr.com/  
Straight Edge 2010

maandag 24 mei 2010

dinsdag 18 mei 2010

maandag 10 mei 2010

TRUE COLORS "Consider It Done" EP

Throughout the last decades a great deal of bands have been inspired by the classic late 80's straight edge hardcore sound. Only a few of those bands have been able to make it a sound that is also very much their own. To embrace that tradition, to write the best songs you possibly can and play with such fury and energy so that in turn your band can inspire others... That is exactly what True Colors have been doing for years. If you need proof, all you have to do is put on the "Rush Of Hope" LP/CD or any of their releases for that matter. Every record they've released has been a hommage to that sound they love so dearly and the quality of their songswriting has been consistent throughout. Their conviction and determination has been another constant. Some will applaud the 5 songs on this "Consider It Done" 7" EP as being their best work yet and no doubt, the band will agree on that. Others will need to get used to them for a while. However, what is sure is that this EP features some of the most interesting, varied and heartfelt songs they've ever written. A final exclamation mark, a big bang and then nothing. A record that will remind everyone out there how sorely True Colors will be missed. To stand that test of time. "True Colors - Consider it done".

True Colors just got home from a 3 week U.S. tour along with friends Mindset, including performances at the United Blood and React! fest. Right after that they embarked on a weekend trip to Russia to play two highly anticipated shows in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. As we speak the only chance you’ll have to witness True Colors live will be their last ever show on May 22nd in the city of Mol (Belgium).
This will be again a limited Control pressing, 100 white wax for mailorders only, 300 black wax and 100 clear yellow wax with a special sleeve only available at the last show. Both white and black wax are available to order in the Control webstore right now together with a new True Colors and Control Records shirt design!
Control wants to say thank you! to following people for all the help and support: Bjorn, Kris, Klaas, Koen and A. Malik
Next up will be a limited vinyl pressing of the Bad Seed demo. More info coming soon!

woensdag 5 mei 2010

Consider It Done.

After some delay the 'Consider it Done' 7"s will arrive tomorrow!
Expect them in the webstore very soon!
Also a new True Colors and Control Records shirt design will be available.

zondag 14 maart 2010

CONTROL update!

A short update on Control Records... The last few RISE AND FALL demo EP packages have been sent out so the remaining orders will arrive soon. If you still wait for yours sit tight and give it a week please.

Control Number 1 is sold out but a few European distro's will have a limited amount available soon… Same goes for US kids… Both Six Feet Under and Deathwish inc. will have their copies in the next couple of weeks. Keep your ears open.

Pressing info ctrl-01:
16 test pressing sleeve / white stamped label / numbered
100 red wax / mailorder sleeve / numbered
400 black wax / regular sleeve
1 red-black split wax / regular sleeve
3 red-black swirl wax / regular sleeve

Coming up next - limited press of the new TRUE COLORS 'consider it done' 7" ep. Again, we will be pressing 500 copies - 400 black ones and 100 on color for mailorder only. Don’t sleep on it.

Come back for more detailed info soon.

zondag 7 maart 2010

Orange County Sloth Crew

FARSIDE - "Worlds" from Revelation Records on Vimeo.

wow. Just found this on my man Jeffrey's blog Paraplegic Telepath.
Never seen this clip before.

woensdag 24 februari 2010

dinsdag 16 februari 2010

RISE AND FALL demo 2003 EP

Rise And Fall has come a long way since the release of their demo in 2003. The band that was originally just going to be a bunch of friends from different bands getting together and jamming on some heavy hardcore quickly got out of hand. Looking back in 2010, Rise And Fall have released 3 albums, the last 2 ("Into Oblivion" and "Our Circle Is Vicious") on the renowned and well respected Deathwish label. Throughout the years they've made a name for themselves by writing relentlessly heavy, layered and metallic hardcore. Next to that the band has done countless European and American tours, and they even made it to Australia not so long ago.

This is where it all started though. The 2003 Demo contains the very first 4 songs Rise And Fall ever wrote, in their practice space which at the time was a spare room in guitarist F-Double's house. When Rise And Fall began practicing in the summer of 2002 the line up was: F-Double on guitar, Murph on drums, Vince on bass and Bjorn singing. After a couple of months AK joined as a second guitarist, making their sound heavier and beefier. It was at AK's homestudio ("The Spaceshuttle Compound") that these 4 songs were recorded in February 2003. A little later Rise And Fall got asked to play their first show. The show was in Ghent, with Dead Stop on March 19th. This was where and when the demo was originally released. When the band has run out of their 100 or so copies of the demo, Discontent Records from Holland offered to press another 100. Those sold out quick too and Rise And Fall soon started working on their next release. A few line up changes followed, with F-Double and AK leaving the band, Cedric joining instead and then recording their debut album "Hellmouth". The rest of the story is common knowledge or at least, easy to find.

Control Records is excited to present Rise And Fall's 2003 Demo, pressed onto vinyl, with a whole new lay out and extra liner notes by the band.

This limited pressing will be 100 on clear red wax for mailorders only and 400 on black wax. Both colors are available to order in the Control webstore right now!

Next up will be a limited pressing of the new True Colors 'consider it done' EP. More info coming soon!

zondag 7 februari 2010

donderdag 4 februari 2010

The Pacific

Can't wait to watch all episodes!

dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Control Records 2010.

Info about the first release coming up real soon!