zaterdag 25 september 2010

CONTROL update!

Flame Still Burns into Take A Stand... Holy Shit!

Bad Seed demo vinyl has some delay, hopefully we will get the vinyl by the end of next week.
Update and ordering info will be announced shortly after.
Again, limited pressing of 100 on color wax for mailorder only so act quick!

Only a few True Colors 'consider it done' 7"s left, so get one before their gone.
Pressing info ctrl-02:
23 black wax / white labels / numbered / testpressing sleeve.
90 white wax / red numbered / regular sleeve
100 yellow wax / numbered / last show sleeve.
300 black wax / regular sleeve
10 white-black swirl wax / green numbered / regular sleeve
10 yellow-black swirl wax (3 copies randomly inserted in last show copies)

Next up will be the new Stick Together EP.