maandag 10 mei 2010

TRUE COLORS "Consider It Done" EP

Throughout the last decades a great deal of bands have been inspired by the classic late 80's straight edge hardcore sound. Only a few of those bands have been able to make it a sound that is also very much their own. To embrace that tradition, to write the best songs you possibly can and play with such fury and energy so that in turn your band can inspire others... That is exactly what True Colors have been doing for years. If you need proof, all you have to do is put on the "Rush Of Hope" LP/CD or any of their releases for that matter. Every record they've released has been a hommage to that sound they love so dearly and the quality of their songswriting has been consistent throughout. Their conviction and determination has been another constant. Some will applaud the 5 songs on this "Consider It Done" 7" EP as being their best work yet and no doubt, the band will agree on that. Others will need to get used to them for a while. However, what is sure is that this EP features some of the most interesting, varied and heartfelt songs they've ever written. A final exclamation mark, a big bang and then nothing. A record that will remind everyone out there how sorely True Colors will be missed. To stand that test of time. "True Colors - Consider it done".

True Colors just got home from a 3 week U.S. tour along with friends Mindset, including performances at the United Blood and React! fest. Right after that they embarked on a weekend trip to Russia to play two highly anticipated shows in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. As we speak the only chance you’ll have to witness True Colors live will be their last ever show on May 22nd in the city of Mol (Belgium).
This will be again a limited Control pressing, 100 white wax for mailorders only, 300 black wax and 100 clear yellow wax with a special sleeve only available at the last show. Both white and black wax are available to order in the Control webstore right now together with a new True Colors and Control Records shirt design!
Control wants to say thank you! to following people for all the help and support: Bjorn, Kris, Klaas, Koen and A. Malik
Next up will be a limited vinyl pressing of the Bad Seed demo. More info coming soon!

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  1. it still says 'coming soon' on the Control web store for all the true colors stuff..